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Baking for birds

What you need

  • Oats
  • Raisins
  • Yoghurt
  • Bird seeds, or other seeds you may have in stock such as pumpkin/sunflower
  • Nuts 
  • A cake tin (or other container to mould the ingredients into)
  • Some string 
  • A bowl


  • This supports your child’s creativity; they can explore textures, smell and taste the ingredients (but not the bird seed!)
  • This helps to teach your child about nature and what different animals eat.

The experience

Get a cake tin or alternative container, and lay out all your ingredients.

Encourage your child to mix the ingredients, talk about their taste, smell and texture. Is it sticking together?

Once you have filled the container and all the ingredients are sticking well enough, you can add your string in for your bird feeder to hang in the garden/on a balcony or outside a window. 

You can then put it in a fridge to harden up a little. When completed, you can remove from the tin, choose a place outdoors for it to hang and then wait for the birds!