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Ball in a box challenge

What you need

  • A clear tupperware container with a lid
  • A small ball or other item of interest that would fit inside the box


A problem-solving experience that will encourage your child to think through how they can get the item out. Their fine and gross motor skills will also be developed as they attempt to get the ball out.

The experience

Place the ball into your container, and close with the lid.

Hand your child the box, and see how they decide to try and get the ball out. It will be fun to shake, and make a great sound that babies will love. You can model to your child how they can explore the item further, turning the box upside down and shaking it around. 

Can they work out how to get it out? Are they able to try and take the lid off? For older children who may find it easy to release the lid, you may want to make it harder with tape around the edges or rubber bands over the top. Perhaps you could even set a time limit and see if your child can get it out in two minutes or less.