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Bath & bubbles

What you need

  • A bathtub
  • Various sized containers
  • Utensils (spoons, a whisk, etc.)
  • Your singing voices!


  • This activity gives your child the opportunity to explore and improve their hand-eye coordination through using containers to pour and utensils to stir and whisk the bathwater.
  • It also works to develop communication and language skills through singing.

The experience

Run a bath with lots of bubbles and place lots of various sized containers, as well as different utensils, in and around the bath. Encourage your child to reach for and choose which tools they will use. Model to your child how you can scoop the water and pour it out with the utensils, and point out that it creates more bubbles when you do so. Use the whisk to whirl the water around and watch as the bubbles get bigger and bigger. Whilst swirling and pouring, introduce some songs such as ‘I had a tiny turtle’.