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Make-believe: Build your own fort or den at home

What you need

Build your own den with a large bed sheet or blanket, some cushions, different household materials, a table top, fairy lights, snacks etc.


Den building is a stimulating learning experience that promotes physical development, teamwork and cooperation. Build your own den to develop problem-solving skills, encourage communication, independence and raise self-esteem.

The experience

Build your own den at home! A table can act as all-in-one walls and ceiling, meaning you won’t need as many sheets and blankets to finish off the main den structure. You can also join up lots of different furniture (e.g. chairs, or side tables) to make quick den extensions – just add blanket walls and you’re done!

Once your den is built you can add a hint of magic with a few strings of fairy lights (or a torch of your mobile phone. Use battery-powered lights as these give you a bit more freedom and are much safer to use for a den. You can simply lay them around the edges of your den for a cosy glow.

A den isn’t a den unless it’s comfy and cosy. Scatter the inside of your den with lots of cushions, pillows, duvets and soft toys to give you something soft and squashy to sit on and snuggle up with.

Dens are the perfect place for games, reading and snacking. When you build your own den don’t forget to stock your den with a few healthy snacks and lots of fun activities for hours of entertainment in your new home-within-a-home. Don’t forget the secret password!