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Bunny hopping: Hop to the finish line

What you need

An open space (indoor/outdoor). Rope, ribbon, chalk or string to mark a starting line on the floor or grass.


This learning experience develops basic jumping. It also develops agility, balance, and coordination.

The experience

Talk to your toddler about rabbits. Ask them questions and encourage them to answer. How do rabbits move? What do they look like? etc.

Show your child how to hop like a rabbit. Feet should be shoulder-width apart. Keep your hands held
up in front of your stomach or chest. Take off with both feet and land with both feet. Play “Follow the Leader” while hopping, and take turns being the leader.

You can also create a starting line, and see who can hop the farthest with one hop. If other children and adults are available, try making a relay race with two or three mixed teams of children and adults. Create a starting line and place markers about 5-8 metres away. Each player has to hop around the marker and return to the start before the next one can go.