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Car tunnel adventures

A child playing with car tunnels made out of paper
A child playing with car tunnels made out of paper

What you need

  • Toy cars
  • Paper
  • Tape
  • A floor surface


A fun way to engage your baby or young toddler in playing with toy cars and developing mathematical language such as under/through. Hand-eye coordination will be developed as your child will be attempting to push their car towards and through the tunnels.

The experience

You will need to set up your area ahead of playing. Create your tunnels: on the short ends of an A4 piece of paper, fold a little down to make a tab. Tape the tabs to the floor a short distance apart from each other so that the paper in the middle of 2 tabs is lifted up, creating the tunnel. 

Give your child some toy cars and have fun playing together, as you model how to push the cars through the tunnels. 

You can introduce some simple language such as ‘Ready, steady, go!’ to build the anticipation of what will happen next and capture your child’s interest. 

Make comments as you are playing so your baby or toddler is hearing mathematical language such as under, through, fast, slow.