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Chair exercises

What you need

A chair that is a suitable size and height for your child.


A good way to get physical, get some stretching in and build concentration and listening. This is also a more relaxed, quieter physical activity that will not involve running around and can be done in any room in the house.

The experience

Get your child to sit on the chair and explain they will be moving their body in different ways. You may like to sit on a chair facing them and model the movements yourself-  a good way to get in some stretching time for you too! 


  • Stretch arms and legs upwards and out, stretching as wide as they can 
  • Bring arms and legs in, hugging knees to chest 
  • Stretch legs out straight in front
  • Stretch legs down as long as they will go – can they touch the floor? Point and flex the feet, can they get tiptoes to the floor? 
  • Holding the sides of the chair, can they push their bottom off the seat? How long can they hold it for? Or would they like to bounce up and down?!


Repeat the movements in different sequences, alternating between fast and slow. Older children may enjoy giving the instructions to you too.