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Chasing tiger’s tail!

What you need

An open outdoor space on grass or large open area that is free of sharp obstacles or other falling hazards. A scrap of colourful fabric, ideally about 50-100cm long, to use as a tiger tail for the chasing tiger tail game!


This activity develops agility, balance, speed, and early running. It also develops basic decision making and the ability to “read” the situation when played with “safe” zones.

The experience

Show your child pictures of big cats such as tigers, lions, leopards, and cheetahs. Explain that the two of you are going to pretend to be tigers (or another type of cat). Tuck one end of the fabric into the back of your child’s trousers and explain that this is their “tail”. Say “I’m going to get your tail!” and encourage your child to run away. Chase your child and ‘snatch’ their tail. Change roles and give yourself the tail, and then encourage your child to chase you. Talk about the types of noises big cats make, and mimic these sounds as you play chasing tail.