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Climbing & obstacle course

What you need

Staircase, sofas, large chairs, bed, cushions and pillows


This activity develops balance and physical coordination, along with some agility, and it builds strength in the limbs. Your child will also be encouraged to be a risk-taker, and begin learning to manage some risks safely and appropriately such as jumping off a low bench.

The experience

Encourage your toddler to climb obstacles that are free of sharp edges. Stay close and be ready to catch your child if they lose their balance, their footing, or their hand grip. If you are indoors, encourage your child to climb the stairs or climb onto beds and sofas. You can also create a climbing/crawling obstacle course using sofa cushions and pillows. Crawl under tables – this is extra exciting if you put a blanket or large sheet/fabric over it to create a cave/den to crawl through. If you are in an outdoor area or garden, encourage your child to climb objects you encounter such as benches, logs and even small rocks. Low playground equipment and climbing frames designed for toddlers are excellent if available.