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Cloud spotting magic

What you need

  • The sky! (Ideally a day that is not overcast, as you need to be able to spot different shaped clouds)
  • A space to lie down outdoors comfortably


A good way to build concentration and engagement levels and have a relax at the park or in the garden, whilst developing language and imagination.

The experience

Find a comfy place to lie down – perhaps take a cushion out with you for the ultimate comfortable cloud viewing! 

Encourage your child to look up at the sky with you and observe the clouds – how many can you spot? What do they look like? What shapes can you see? Perhaps the shape of a cloud looks a bit like something else? What could it be? This is a great way to encourage your child to be imaginative and use their talk for imaginative purposes. You may need to model this first e.g. ‘I can see that cloud over there, looks a bit like a heart shape’. 

Develop your child’s vocabulary by using descriptive words, rather than simply naming something. E.g. ‘Wow, look at that big, fluffy, white cloud!’