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Colander threading

What you need

  • A colander
  • Pipe cleaners (or alternatives such as twigs collected from outdoors)
  • Sticky tape (optional)


This fine motor skills activity is an easy way for young children to practice hand-eye coordination and learn through play, exploring trial and error.

The experience

Thread pipe cleaners through the colander holes one by one. You can weave in and out of holes. If you don’t have pipe cleaners, you could collect twigs from outdoors and poke these through the holes, use dried spaghetti or thread ribbons in and out of the holes for your child try and pull through.

You may like to tape your colander on a flat surface like a table or high chair top so your child can concentrate. Encourage your child to pull out pipe cleaners one by one. Your child will love the simplicity and challenges of this fun and creative learning experience!