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Colour changing flowers

What you need

  • White carnations or other white flowers
  • Food colouring – blue or red
  • Water
  • Small jars or yoghurt pots


  • Learning about how flowers drink water through their stems
  • Refining fine motor skills by cutting stems of the flowers and pouring water into the pots

The experience

Let’s see if we can change the colour of a white flower into something lovely and bright! 


  • Trim down the stems of the white flowers so they fit into your jars or yoghurt pots. 
  • Add water to each pot.
  • Put about 10-15 drops of food colouring into the water and stir around a bit. Add a white carnation into each pot and watch over time how they change colour! 
  • Maybe you could press your newly coloured flowers or make a lovely piece of artwork.