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Colour scavenger hunt

What you need

  • Paper and pencils/markers
  • An outside space to explore such as a walk to a local park or walk around the neighborhood.


This will add a new, engaging element to your daily walks, encouraging your child to take in their surroundings and improve their observational skills. It also allows opportunity to talk about and notice colours.

The experience

Before heading out on a walk, prepare a sheet or notepad with a range of different colours: you could draw a coloured dot or shape on the page, leaving space beside it for your child to draw. The idea is that they will then take this sheet with them on your walk, and you can go around hunting for things, noticing their colours. You can make a note of the things they find, or snap a quick picture on your phone. 

When you return, your child can then draw a picture of each thing found on their scavenger hunt. It may have been a red bus, a green car, the grey pavement or a purple flower! You could make this more challenging by including categories such as something with spots, something that has three different colours in it, etc. 

Throughout your walk, encourage your child to observe what is around them and hunt for the different colours/categories they need to find.