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Crab walk race

What you need

  • A space to move, either indoors or outdoors
  • You may wish to revisit yesterday’s Yoga story video to remind yourself on how to do the crab walk!


  • A fun, physical challenge for all the family
  • The chance for some healthy competition!

The experience

Remind yourselves how to do the Crab pose – feet on the ground, arms behind, with hands facing down to the floor, pushing your back off the floor. Talk about how crabs move, and that they move sideways, rather than forwards and backwards as we tend to. 

Challenge your child to a crab walk race! Can they move like a crab from the start to finish line? Use cushions or other objects to show where your race starts and ends. You could use a timer and see how quickly they can crab walk between two points- can any other family members do it? Who was the fastest? Or you could race with your child and see who gets to the finish line first.