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Crawl tunnels discovery

What you need

  • Dining chairs
  • Table cloth or bed sheet
  • String


  • Experimenting with different ways of moving – rolling, slithering, crawling, sliding
  • Negotiating different spaces successfully 
  • Talking about what happens to their body when they are moving or exercising

The experience

It can be lots of fun to make your own secret tunnel for your child to crawl or slide through, and very good exercise! You can make your tunnel as short or as long as you wish – just remember, it can get quite tiring crawling around on hands and knees, so don’t be too ambitious. 

Clear a space and make a line of dining chairs back to back, either in a straight or curved line about 30-40cm apart. Then attach a table cloth or bed sheet to the outside of your chair-tunnel. Lay the table cloth or bed sheet over the top and secure to the chair legs with twine or string. 

You’re ready to start exploring! Why not see how quickly you can get through the tunnel or how many different ways you can get from one end to the other.