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Creating your own treasure basket

What you need

A basket which you can fill with a range of items to explore such as sponges, feathers, fabric samples, ribbons, tea strainer, chain, whisk, pot lids, spoons, keys, baby brush, dustpan brush, shoe brush etc.


This activity provides opportunities for your baby to gain a rich sensory experience by using all of their 5 senses: touch, sight, sound, smell and taste.

The experience

Enjoy some sensory play by creating this fun treasure basket! Fill your basket with safe, large items that you baby will be able to enjoy but which will not cause any risks.

To give your basket the ‘wow factor’ you can have it covered with a piece of cloth or a semi-transparent blanket and start this sensory experience with a simple peek-a-boo game. At first, guide your baby and explore the basket together e.g. take a brush and gently brush their hair or ‘stroke’ their arms and/or legs, then repeat the action before letting your baby have a go and explore it on their own. You can then repeat guiding your child with exploring any new objects from the basket.

This activity is fantastic for engaging your baby/toddler for a sustained period of time. Enjoy!