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Cupcake Collage

What you need

  • An assortment of coloured paper cut into different shapes
  • Some glue – either glue stick or spreadable glue


This activity will encourage creativity. Sticking, ripping, scrunching paper and picking up things of different sizes to stick down are all great ways to develop fine motor skills. Your child’s language will also be supported as you talk about what kind of cupcake they might be making, as well as the colours and textures of their cupcake.

The experience

Prepare an area for your child to work – place a range of coloured pieces of paper on your workspace along with the glue. Cut the paper into some shapes.

To create collage cupcakes, you can cut out a shape for the base, e.g. rectangular with angled sides to make the cupcake case, a semi circular shape for the top of the cake and then lots of small pieces to be sprinkles and other decorations. If you’d rather not make a cupcake collage, you might like to make a collage based on something your child is particularly interested in. 

Model to your child how they can use the glue to stick the base and top of cake onto a blank sheet. You can then show them the smaller pieces and how they may like to stick these. Show some pictures of cupcakes, and point out the sprinkles/chocolate/cherries that may go on the top. 

Allow your child to explore the pieces and the glue. Young children won’t make a ‘perfect looking’ cupcake, but the process is more important than the product. Model how they can tear pieces of paper into tinier bits, or can scrunch some small pieces and stick these on to create the decorations.