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Cutting busy box

What you need

  • Pieces of card 
  • A marker
  • Child scissors 
  • A small box to store your cuttings in


  • Cutting can be a tricky skill to master, so the busy box is an ideal way to get some practice in! 
  • This will really work on your child’s fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

The experience

Using small pieces of card, use a marker to make some lines and shapes for your child to cut. The idea is that the lines will guide them as they use their scissors. 

Depending on your child’s level of development and ability to use scissors, you may like to start with a more simple cutting pattern such as straight lines, before progressing to zig-zag and wavy lines, shapes such as circles etc. 

You may like to provide your child with a small box to keep the cutting patterns in, so this becomes a ‘busy box’ you can pull out for some cutting practice whenever you like!

The busy box acts as a continuous activity holder – quick and easy for when you have 10 minutes before a nap or quiet time after a meal!