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Daily sight-seeing walk

What you need

  • Comfortable clothing
  • A place to walk in your local area
  • Pushchair/scooter/bike/trike or your walking feet!


This is a great way to work on our observational skills. This activity can be done whilst your child is on their scooter, tricycle or ride on toy. As well as their gross motor skills, this activity also benefits their numeracy, speech and understanding.

The experience

This is a fun little way to jazz up your daily walks:

What can you spot?

Depending on your child’s age, their developmental stage or the theme you have chosen for the day, set different objectives for your walk, e.g. things to spot or find whilst on your travels. Some examples of this could be, ‘What animals can we spot today?’ ‘How many red cars can we see today?’

If walking in more of a town, you could take a look in shop windows and see if they can name some of the items in the display – can they think about what the shop might sell? Even very young children, who may not be able to answer, will benefit from hearing your language and you discussing these things as you walk together.