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Daily yoga session

What you need

  • Floor space
  • Yoga mat (a towel or rug will also do)
  • Soft background music


  • Emotional wellbeing
  • Core muscle development
  • Body coordination

The experience

Pre-schoolers really enjoy the opportunity to practice yoga. They love watching the adults and copying what is shown to them and always try their best! They are also keen in making up their own moves.

To introduce a regular yoga session to your day, all you have to do is lay your mats next to each other, sit down and begin to stretch. Start with your feet: point and bend. Carry on with your legs: bend and stretch. Move onto your tummy: out and in! Do the same with your upper body.

You can ask your child to come up with different stretching exercises. 


Now that you have stretched, sit in the lotus position (legs crossed and arms in prayer) and encourage your child to breathe in (count till 4) and out (count till 8 – if you can!) Repeat breathing as many times as your child lets you. Breathing is relaxation at its purest!

Next you can work on the cat-cow pose – start on your hands and knees. Move into cow pose by lifting your nose and bottom up, and arching your back so that your belly is closer to the floor. Then, you can move into your cat pose by rounding your back, tucking the tailbone, moving your back away from the floor, rounding your shoulders and dropping your head right down. 

To complete the introduction, move into starfish pose by laying down on your back, legs and arms spread wide and breathe deep. You can also lift your arms in front of you and tickle the sky. This is a great way to relax together, perhaps at the end of the day to wind down for bed, or as a break in the day to take a moment to calm.