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Dance freeze

What you need

  • A clear space for moving and dancing
  • Music of your choice – mix it up with different styles


Even young babies enjoy moving their bodies to music and have an innate sense of rhythm. For older children who are more mobile, dancing is a lot of fun and a great way to get some exercise and burn off some energy!

The experience

Playing the music, let your child dance around the designated space. It may be helpful to use some cushions to set a safe space to dance in, away from any hazards they may bump into or breakable objects. 

Even if your baby is not yet able to stand and dance, they can still move their body with you from a seated position. Enjoy dancing with your child. 

You can then create a game where you stop the music and say ‘Freeze!’ and everybody has to stop and be still. For young children they may not understand this concept at first, but will enjoy seeing you freeze dramatically and it is a great listening activity for children closer to 2 years old, who will enjoy the ‘stop and go’ element of the game. For younger babies, they will soon start to anticipate the music stopping and you freezing in front of them. Make it more interesting and pull a different, funny face each time to grab and maintain their attention!