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Dancing and movement: feelings and emotions

What you need

A snippet of these songs, or a variety of your own choice



This activity explores not only physical development but supports your child’s personal, social and emotional development.
The activity provides an opportunity for the children to explore their movement freely, develop their physical coordination, spatial awareness and explore the effect media and music has on their emotion and well-being.

The experience

This activity can be a good escape for you and your child, to have a dance and get your heart rate up.

For safety, ensure your child tries this in an open space or in a room where there are no harmful toys or glass objects to bump into.
You can choose your own variety of music or the links provided to play songs around your home, you can all have a dance, move in a variety of ways and produce feel-good endorphins.

After each song you and your child can have a quick chat about what emotion they feel, what their heart rate feels like and if they enjoyed the song. Then move on to the next song and see what dance move this song creates.