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Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell

What you need

A comfy corner, and any zoo animal toys you have in the house!


Story time and reading to your baby supports their language and communication development – introducing adjectives in a fun and interactive way. Reading also builds listening, memory and vocabulary skills while giving babies information about the world around them – in this case animals!

The experience

The Dear Zoo book is a wonderfully interactive read that allows children to learn about the animals, make the relevant animal noises and join in with the repetitive text. Sit back and watch Katy read the lovely Dear Zoo story. If you have any soft toys, puppets or little animals you can then use them for a more interactive experience as you can bring Dear Zoo to life using your own puppets and soft toys.

Feel free to repeat the video recording as listening to repetitive stories helps little ones understand and remember the words they hear. The rhythm of the language also helps children become more aware of the sounds they hear in words.

Further Learning: Inspired by the Dear Zoo book of Rod Campbell, why not incorporate some mark making? Let your child draw their favourite animal/pet on paper. Have fun!