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Decorating Easter eggs

What you need

  • A piece of paper with an oval drawn on it
  • Somes clothes pegs
  • Cotton wool
  • Paint


This is a great opportunity to develop fine motor skills, with the added challenge of using clothes pegs, which will encourage the use of a pincer grip. Understanding about Easter and its meaning for some cultures.

The experience

You and your child can decorate your own Easter eggs. Begin by drawing an oval on a piece of paper and use the clothes pegs to hold the cotton wool balls that can be dipped in the paint. Experiment with different dabs of colour, trying different shapes and patterns to create a beautifully decorated egg! 

During the activity, you and your child can discuss what Easter means for Christians. Talk about how families may celebrate on Easter Sunday. Why do people give chocolate eggs as gifts? Why do we see lots of bunnies and chicks in Easter decorations etc? 

Let the conversation run, trying to avoid it becoming a question and answer session; instead, enjoy a discussion as you ponder and comment together. You may also pose comments about neighbours or extended family members, wondering if they celebrate Easter or not.