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DIY Flip book

What you need

  • Your child’s favourite board book
  • Post-it notes


This is a great experience for fine-motor skills, encouraging your child to use their thumb and fingers to lift the post-it note flaps. For younger babies this is a great way to keep them engaged in tummy time.

The experience

Using a board book your child enjoys looking at, place post-it notes over some of the pictures/characters, including at least one on each page. 

You can then show your child how they can lift the flap to enjoy seeing what or who is underneath. This is a fun way to extend language, as you ask your child, ‘Who is under the flap?’ Encourage them to tell you the name/word when they have lifted, or to attempt the word, repeating after you. 

For older children, challenge them to lift the flap, without removing the post-it note, and see if they can carefully close it down again, before moving on to the next page.