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Don’t touch the blanket

A little girl crawling under a blanket
A little girl crawling under a blanket

What you need

  • A large blanket, duvet or bed sheet
  • A clear space to move indoors or outdoors


This is a fun, high energy game for multiple family members to play. It will get everyone’s heart racing and can be made into a competition!

The experience

Ideally, this will be played with at least three family members. If it is just you and your child, you can adapt by tying one end of your blanket or sheet to a piece of furniture – perhaps knotted around the top of a chair, or tucked tightly into the sofa cushions. 

If you have 3+ people to play, two people will stand at either end of the blanket/sheet, holding the edge with it stretched out between them. Your child (or any other family member who wants to join in!) will stand by one of the long sides of the blanket. They will need to run/crawl or move in whichever way you choose under the blanket. 

You can experiment with the blanket at different heights, so perhaps really high for running under or really low so your child has to crawl, or even drag themselves along on their tummy, to avoid touching the top. 

To add challenge and create the competition, see who can get under the blanket before it gets dropped by the two people holding it. The aim is to ensure the blanket doesn’t touch your body. Who can move the quickest?!