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Floor angels workout

What you need

A space on the floor with room to lie down, with enough room to move your arms and legs.


  • This is a great form of exercise for your child, and will encourage strength in the arms, legs and core.

The experience

Set up a clear floor space. Get your child to lie down, or gently place your baby on their back. 

Show your child how to move as if they were making a snow angel, moving their arms and legs out from their sides and back again. Encourage them to stretch their arms out and up above their head. 

For babies, you can gently help them have a good stretch of arms and legs, model the movement to them and see if they copy. 

After this movement for a few times, challenge your child to touch their hands to toes, by pulling their legs up towards them and reaching out their hands. For babies, this can involve you gently pushing their legs up and seeing if they can touch their feet. 

Keep repeating this sequence for as long as your child can. Older children will enjoy doing this as quickly as they can and it’s a great way to burn off some energy!