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Active playtime with foot grab game

What you need

  • A selection of small, soft toys
  • A place to lie down comfortably
  • A basket/box the soft toys will be placed into


This is a great activity to boost your child’s core strength, and lots of fun! There is also the opportunity for competitive challenges for the whole family!

The experience

Encourage your child to lie down on the floor. You may like to use some cushions to make it more comfortable. Have a selection of soft toys at your child’s feet, and an empty box or basket just above their head. Explain to your child they will need to use their feet as ‘grabbers’ for the soft toys. One at a time, they can use their legs to draw up the toys and bring them back towards their head, keeping the toy in between their feet. They can then let go of the toy and drop it into the basket. You may need to model this to your child to help them understand, and have a few practice tries together. 

If you have more than one child they could compete against each other and see who can move all their toys first?

Alternatively, get the adults involved and have fun competing against one another! Older children may enjoy the added element of challenge through using a timer or stopwatch and creating a time limit.