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Free the whisk challenge

What you need

Whisks of different sizes, little toys, pebbles, bottle lids and whatever fits inside a whisk.


Through this learning experience, babies and young toddlers will learn to be naturally curious and explore the world around them using their senses. It is also beneficial for fine motor development and strengthening little fingers, hands and wrists.

The experience

“Hide” one or more little objects in a whisk. You can use anything that fits inside a whisk like, soft toys, seashells, bottle lids, large beads, etc.

Challenge your child to “free” the object trapped inside the whisk.

For a child younger than 1-year-old, you may like to tape the whisk to your high chair or table to stop it moving around too much. This way your child will be able to concentrate on the task ahead rather than getting frustrated with the whisk moving around.

For children older than 1-year-old you might want to challenge them in holding the whisk in one hand while the other is trying to free the items trapped inside. This will support their coordination development and fine motor skills as well as problem-solving.

Your child will love this versatile and challenging learning experience!