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Fridge magnets funtime

What you need

A magnetic surface such as a baking tray, selection of fridge magnets (ensure none are too small and could be swallowed if your child puts it in their mouth), other objects that are not magnetic.


This will involve problem solving and creativity. Your child will be encouraged to investigate cause and effect as they explore the magnetic/non-magnetic objects. Their fine motor skills will be developed as they pick up small objects, encouraging use of thumb and forefinger.

The experience

You can use a metal baking tray from the kitchen to provide a fun and engaging experience. Provide the tray and a selection of fridge magnets stuck on to it. Your baby or young child will enjoy attempting to pull them off and stick them back again. You can also provide a selection of other objects that will not be magnetic, so your child can explore and experiment with the properties of the materials – which stick and which don’t? Babies will enjoy sitting or lying on their tummy and reaching for the magnets in front of them. Older children confidently standing and walking could do this against a magnetic vertical surface such as a fridge/freezer door, or will happily sit at the floor or a table to explore the magnets on a baking tray.