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Galloping horse

What you need

Large indoor or outdoor space (if available), free of obstacles.


This learning experience develops dynamic balance, coordination, and rhythm required for activities at older ages such as running, skipping, hopping, and dancing.

The experience

Talk to your child about horses. How do horses move? Tell your child that you will practice galloping like a horse. Show your child how to gallop: one foot steps forward, and the trailing foot immediately “kicks” forward to almost touch the back of the front foot. Ask your child to gallop with you around the house or garden.

Tip: Make horse “whinny” noises as you gallop. If you have paper ribbon or streamers, take turns using them as horse reins – you can “pull” your child as you gallop, and your child can “pull” you as you gallop. 

Let’s burn some of this energy! Have fun.