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Globe trotting

What you need

A globe or a map.


This supports your child in learning about the world and exploring different cultures. It can also help us all learn some facts about different places in the world.

The experience

Encourage your child to close their eyes whilst you spin the globe or hold a map in front of them. They can then put their finger on a place on the globe/map

Wherever their finger landed we will explore…


  • What country did we land on?
  • Is it a hot or cold country?
  • How long would it take to get there from England?
  • What do people traditionally wear in that country?
  • What do people traditionally eat in that country?
  • What language do they speak?


You can do this each week and focus on a new part of the world!

Even better if you land in the sea! Who lives there? That one might take a while…

You could use the Barefoot World Atlas App to enhance this learning further and virtually explore the world together.