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A heartwarming storytime: ‘Gorilla’

What you need

Your listening ears.


This is the perfect book for introducing your child to the love for animals. ‘Gorilla’ is designed to encourage early literacy and enhance emotional development.

The experience

Today we are reading a lovely story, read by Katy. We are reading ‘Gorilla’ – Hannah’s father never seems to have time for her and so she is often left alone and lonely. She loves gorillas and longs for one for her birthday. On the night before her birthday, she wakes up to find a parcel containing a toy gorilla by her bed. Disappointed, she goes back to sleep. Later that night though, something magical happens – a real gorilla appears and takes her on a magical journey.

Did you like this story book? Why not try and look at photos of different primates and draw your own pictures of some of them. You could also look at video footage of gorillas and other primates. Follow this link for further inspiration!