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What you need

Yourselves and lots of energy!


Learning about taking turns, counting to 10 (or higher) forwards or backwards, moving and negotiating different spaces with confidence.

The experience

First, decide who is going to be the hider and who is going to be the seeker. Then, agree which room or rooms you are allowed to hide in – lets make sure that everyone stays safe! The seeker closes their eyes – no peeking – and counts from 0-10. The hider quietly finds somewhere to hide, perhaps under the table, or behind the curtain. When the seeker has finished counting they shout ‘ready or not, here I come’. They keep looking until they find everyone who is hiding, the last person found becomes the seeker. Children often find hide and seek really exciting and quickly give their hiding place away! Try to ignore giggles, or a pair of feet sticking out until you’ve guessed at least three wrong hiding places. Remember to narrate what you’re doing ‘Where are you? Are you behind the curtain? No! Are you behind the chair? No! Where can you be?’ etc. You might need to support counting and give a few reminders about being still or quiet!