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How far can you stretch?

What you need

  • A space on the floor for some stretching
  • Cushions to stretch between


For young babies, this is a great way to encourage crawling and get some tummy time in. For older children, it’s a great gross motor skills workout that will help strengthen arms and core, as well as being lots of fun!

The experience

Layout your stretching path, e.g. if your child is on their hands and knees, with feet on one cushion, you will place another in front of them, that they will then stretch towards, seeing if they can keep their feet on the first cushion and reach to the second. 

For older children, you can then challenge them to bring their feet to meet their hands and place the first cushion in a new direction for them to stretch to. They can keep their tummy on the floor, or for added challenge, must stay on hands and feet, keeping their body off the floor as though in plank position. 

For babies that may not be as mobile, you can provide gentle support, placing them on their tummy on one cushion and placing one a little in front of them and encouraging them or gently bringing their hands to reach for the next cushion, getting a good stretch!