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Hunt the thingy!

What you need

A thingy (a familiar object or toy) and your home! 

This is ideal to be played in groups of 3 or more, so great to get other family members involved!


  • Moving freely
  • Negotiating spaces safely
  • Taking turns and negotiation

The experience

This game was traditionally called Hunt the Thimble! A thimble, it would seem, is now a thing of the past used when sewing. That’s why it’s going to be easier using a thimble replacement – or ‘thingy’. 

You will need a thingy 1-2cm, though we would recommend starting with something bigger and decreasing the size to make the game more challenging, not too bright and obvious. Why not start with a favourite toy? Now, the searchers close their eyes and the hider places the thingy somewhere. The only rule is that it must be in plain sight – nobody should need to lift or move anything to be able to find it. 

If playing with older children in a group of 3 or more family members, the searchers uncover their eyes and try to find the thingy, while the hider watches. When someone spots the thingy they whisper to the hider where it is. The last person to find the thingy is given the role of hider on the next go. 

If only two of you are playing the game or you’re playing with younger children, take it in turns to be the hider and the searcher. The winner is the one to locate the thingy in the fastest time. Older children could enjoy the use of a stopwatch to measure the time and compare the speed with which each player managed to locate the thingy.