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I’m big, you’re little

What you need

  • Some outdoor space
  • Some chalk


Or, if completing outdoors:

  • Large paper taped to floor
  • Pencils/markers


  • This supports your child in exploring shape and measurements. They are able to distinguish different sizes and shapes and develop mathematical vocabulary related to size and shape. 
  • They are also able to learn that we are all different and explore their features as well as yours.

The experience

Encourage your child to lay down and draw around them with chalk. You can lay down and they can draw around you. Then you can draw on your features and explore your differences as you draw each other…


  • Whose body is longer?
  • Who is wider?
  • Is my hair different?
  • What colour eyes do we have?
  • Is anything the same?


To make this more challenging for children aged over three, you could get a tape measure and look at the measurements of each person. Write the numbers down on the paper – which is the biggest number?