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Imaginative Play: Dressing Up

What you need

Any dressing up clothes that you can think of and don’t mind your toddler playing with. You can use hats, scarves, tops and trousers, shirts, ties, shoes, hair accessories etc.


Dressing up in costumes is an important type of play that every child loves. Children seek it out naturally. Dress up play fosters the imagination, strengthens relationships and improves communication while developing their motor skills and building vocabulary.

The experience

Simply let your toddler choose their items of clothing to dress up with and ask them questions on who they want to be. They can choose to become pirates, princesses, mummies and daddies, superheroes, doctors, etc. They may even use some clothing to create blankets/beds for their dolls or teddies. Let your child explore roleplay and dressing up. Observe and interact through roleplay dialogues. Why not dress up with them? Get creative and enjoy!

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