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Imaginative puppet show

What you need

  • A variety of soft toys. 
  • If you’re feeling creative, you can improvise a small stage by making a hole into a large sheet of cardboard, that you will sit behind, placing the puppets out of the hole. Another option is to cover a low table with a sheet or piece of fabric and sit behind the table, performing the puppet show on the top.


This activity will promote your child’s imagination. It also helps to develop their ability to focus and concentrate, and also works to build language.

The experience

With your child, give a name to each toy and say hello to each one. You can sing a little song: ‘Hello Teddy, hello Duck, hello Giraffe, it’s nice to see you here!’

Now that the puppets have had a warm welcome, you can hide behind your special stage (or alternatively, just sit in front of your child)  and bring the puppets alive! Turn them towards each other and create a conversation using different voices. ‘How are you today, Teddy?’ ‘I’m great, thanks and you?’ and so on. 

Your child will love watching and hearing the different voices. They might want to join in, or older children may even take a turn independently and put on a show for you!