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In My Heart: A Book of Feelings by Jo Witek

What you need

A book that talks about feelings and emotions. We recommend the book ‘In My Heart: A Book Of Feelings’ by Jo Witek.

Optional extras – different coloured crayons, paint or craft materials.


Feelings and Emotion:

This will support teaching your child how to manage and label their feelings and behaviours, teaching them that how they feel is natural, okay and safe to communicate.


Mindfulness and Wellbeing:

An example of emotional literacy, this type of book role models to your child how to use and adopt emotional vocabulary and a growth mindset.

The experience

After this activity you could explore all of the feelings in the story, talking through them with your child, and giving them lots of freedom to explain how they feel. Read along with our ‘Story time with Katy’ video on our website!

Talk with your child about what makes them happy/sad/scared/shy…

Explore colours that link to feelings and creating art with your child to promote sharing of their emotions.

Encourage your child to visit times that have provoked certain feelings. Ask your child their ideas of what could make people feel better when they are sad or cross.