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Introduction to yoga

What you need

  • Blanket or yoga mat
  • Clear space
  • Gentle background music


  • Develops core muscles
  • Develops ability to follow instructions
  • Improves emotional wellbeing

The experience

When introducing yoga to a baby, it is most effective to model the moves and narrate your actions as you move through the poses. Or, you can watch our video above and follow Cris!

Ensure you have enough space around you on the floor; lay out a blanket or a yoga mat for each of you.

Start on your back: stretch out your feet and legs, and your arms above your head. Maybe you can sing ‘If you’re happy and you know it’ very gently? Then you can introduce the following moves: 


The Starfish

Lay down on your back next to your child. Place your hands out to the side and open your legs. This movement can be repeated a few times. 


The Dolphin

Lay on your tummy, feet together and arms ahead. Lift your legs and arms up.


You can support your baby by showing them these positions, and supporting them to get into each position themselves. Lay your child gently down on the floor and move their legs and arms into position gently, singing softly to them and using it as a lovely bonding opportunity.