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Balloon adventure: Keep it moving

What you need

Some balloons


This activity develops physical coordination, along with some agility – a great workout for gross motor skills!

The experience

This learning can prove to be a lot of fun for your child. For safety, ensure your child tries this in an open space or in a room where there are no harmful toys or glass objects to bump into. For this activity, blow some balloons and then ask your child to keep the balloons floating up in the air and they should not touch the ground. They can use their hands, head or turn it into an extra challenge and lie on the floor using their feet to keep the balloons up! If you want to make it more fun, you can turn it into a competition with members of the family competing against each other. Why not add some music and dance moves to this learning experience? Who can keep their balloon in the air for the entire song? This could be extended later on to include some balloon painting or decorating the balloons with markers.