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Magnet magic

What you need

Just 1 magnet


This gets your child exploring: using trial and error they are able to use science to see how and why magnets work. Exploring different materials they will be able to see what their magnet can stick too. Is it strong enough to lift items up?

This can lead on to mathematics as you discuss weight and the concept of heavy and light.

The experience

You can do this around the home, in the park or with a special basket of resources.

Explore items around you with a magnet – ask your child what material they can see and do they think the magnet will stick to it?


  • Is the magnet strong enough?
  • Is the item too heavy?
  • What does the material feel like?
  • What happens if we put a non-magnetic material in between the magnet? Test out placing items such as paper between the magnet and a light magnetic item such as a paperclip to see if it will still work?