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Make your own wall art

What you need

  • Paper or card 
  • Masking tape 
  • Paint and paint brushes


Your child will enjoy the sensory experience of exploring the paint and different colours. Fine motor skills are developed as they use a paintbrush or their hands and fingers to make marks, plus you get a lovely piece of art with their name on to decorate a space in your house.

The experience

Firstly, you will need to prepare the paper with your child’s name taped out in masking tape. Doing their name in block capitals will help this process, but you can be as creative as you like with your style of font!

You will then need to provide your child with the paints and brushes. Choose one colour, or perhaps two colours that will mix together to create a new colour. 

Allow your child to enjoy placing the paint on the paper, using their hands, fingers or paint brushes. 

When they are finished and the paint is dry, you can peel off the tape to reveal their name amidst their own paint creations!