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Cooking Together – Making Vegetable Soup

Cooking at N Family Club
Cooking at N Family Club

What you need

  • Select a collection of vegetables that you think will make a tasty soup. It could be potatoes, broccoli, peas, cauliflower sweetcorn, carrots, leeks etc. It would be great to introduce them to vegetables they are not familiar with. Have they tried sweet potato or swede?


This activity is creating scientific knowledge as you are learning about how and why things grow, the names, the textures, the colours and then how they taste.

The experience

Stage 1: Wash the vegetables thoroughly. Look carefully at them and describe how they look, their texture and how they smell. Do they have skin? Are some vegetables smooth, lumpy, bumpy, shiny?

Stage 2: Carefully peel and prepare the soup contents. Carefully cut the ingredients. Does the inside of the vegetable/fruit look different from the outside? Can you see seeds, patterns etc.?

Stage 3: Place your ingredients in a large pan and add water. You might want to add herbs and seasoning. You can then look after the cooking of the soup (for safety reasons!), but try to continue engaging with your child about the ingredients & cooking process. You may wish to add pasta towards the end.

This learning experience will encourage healthy eating. It may encourage your child to eat more vegetables as they feel a sense of ownership over the process.