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Mirror partners

What you need

Open space and two people to create mirror partners.


This learning experience develops coordination and balance as the children try to imitate the movements of their parent or play partner.

The experience

  1. In ‘Mirror Mirror’, two partners face each other. One person is the “mirror master” and makes body movements. The other person must copy or “mirror” the movements.
  2. For the first try, stand facing your child with a small space between you.
  3. As you wave your arms, jump, step, wiggle, bend or otherwise move, your child must try to “mirror” your movement.
  4. After your child has imitated you for a few minutes, let your child be the mirror master.
  5. Try different fundamental movements such as hopping, jumping, spinning, skipping, and running on the spot.


Add some imagination to it! You can also try different movement themes – the mirror master can imagine he or she is a hockey player, a firefighter, a cartoon, or anyone else who does a lot of moving.