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Musical paintings

What you need

  • A variety of classical music pieces (Fast/slow/loud/quiet) – click here for our suggestions.
  • Variety of mark-making tools (paints/felt-tips/crayons/chalk/colouring pencils) – your child’s preference.
  • Lots of paper and imagination!


  • Exploration of musicality (tempo/beat/force/volume), etc.
  • Inspires creativity
  • Encourages an expression of thoughts and feelings

The experience

Choose a variety of musical genres to listen to or use the link above for a wonderful selection of classical pieces to inspire your child’s mark-making and painting experience. 

Encourage your child to listen to the music while making marks on their paper and choosing colours according to how the music makes them feel or moves in time. Repeat this process a few times using a different piece of music each time. 

Discuss how the different types of music may change their moods and explore how that may have impacted on the marks they have made. 

Remember to share their lovely paintings with us on Famly!