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My family, your family

What you need

  • Family photos (this is a great experience to move on from the family cube activity)
  • Means to look at pictures of different families – books/magazine pictures or means to access the internet and show pictures.


Exposing your baby/toddler to pictures of lots of different types of families is a great way to begin talking about the differences and similarities between different people and families around the world, and developing respect for all.

The experience

Using your family cube or a selection of family photos, look at and talk about your child’s family and the special people in their life. You can then extend this by looking at pictures from books or found online of other families. Choose some that are different to your child’s primary experiences. 

Look at the photos in the same way as your own family pictures, pointing to the different people in the picture and naming them e.g. ‘Mummy, baby, daddy’. You can talk to your child about their family and the families you see. E.g. you have two mummies, in this family, this little girl has a mummy and a daddy. Include different set ups – single parent, two mummies, two daddies, a mummy and a daddy, as well as different ethnicities, religious and cultural backgrounds. 

Encourage your child to point to the people in the pictures too and engage with the faces they see.