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Nature bracelets

What you need

  • Piece of paper or thin card, cut in a strip to the size of your child’s wrist
  • Double-sided sticky tape (if you don’t have double-sided tape, you could create the same effect by looping a piece of tape and securing at each end of the strip.)


Exploring nature and natural materials encourages language as your child engages all their senses, helps them to understand more about the natural world around them and this activity will add a new element to your time spent outdoors.

The experience

Place the strip of paper with tape on it around your child’s wrist as a bracelet and go into the garden or an open outside space such as a park or woodland area. You will need to ensure the outdoor space you are exploring has access to natural materials such as leaves on the ground, blades of grass, petals, flowers that can be picked such as daisies. 

Encourage your child to create a beautiful nature bracelet, sticking the natural items on as they go. Use this as an opportunity to talk to your child, encouraging them to not pick leaves off of growing plants, but instead to look for them on the ground. This can help your child learn more about taking care of the natural world around them. 

You can introduce the names of different plants and items you will find and extend your child’s vocabulary e.g. petals, leaves, stem, daisy, buttercup, etc. 

Challenge your child to have completed the whole bracelet during the course of your walk/time spent outdoors.