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Nature collages

What you need

  • Natural materials such as leaves, flowers, grass, twigs (these could be collected in the garden or out on a walk)
  • Large paper and glue (optional)


This will promote your child’s language as they enjoy exploring and discussing the natural items, as well as developing creativity.

The experience

Gather together the natural items you want to use to create your lovely collage. It can be a fun experience to go and collect these from around the garden or on a walk. Provide your child with a small bag or basket to collect leaves, flowers, twigs or grass in. 

Look at the items with your child and talk about them. Discuss the colours, size and shape of the items, e.g. ‘Look at this big, pink petal’. Introduce lots of new adjectives to your child as you describe things, such as ‘pointy’, ‘soft’, ‘smooth’, ‘bumpy’, ‘pretty’, ‘big/small’ etc. 

Support your child as they place their items down to create a collage. You can provide paper and glue if you have it available. Alternatively, place the items out on the ground/on a table surface and take a photo of it on your phone/tablet for your child to go back and look at again or share with family members. 

Let your child place the items however they would like to, and ask them questions about what they are creating. You may like to create your own collage alongside them to encourage them to try out new ideas.